Here’s the secret behind South Korean actor Ha Ji-won youthful skin at 42 – fashion and trends

As we progress towards a world of 8k resolution videos and television, there is constant pressure on celebrities to look flawless and that gets progressively more difficult with age. This, however, is no problem for the South Korean actor, Ha Ji-won. The 42-year-old actor incredibly manages to look like she is still in her 20s.

She made her acting debut in a 1996 teen drama, New Generation Report: Adults Don’t Understand Us. And has since gained fame for her acting role in popular K-dramas such as Secret Garden (2010), Empress Ki (2013 – 2014) and the Korean remake of the Taiwanese hit, In Time with You (2015). Many of her fans claim that the actor has not aged a day in all her time on the silver screen and her pictures certainly attest to that.

In an interview with Access Showbiz Tonight, when the host questioned her about her beauty secrets, Ha Ji-won said that she laughs a lot and that helps in tightening her face. She also went on to elaborate on her obsession with lemons. “Eating lemons is also my secret, “ she said. “I eat three lemons a day. As the lemons are sour, it has the effect of uplifting my face and prevents wrinkles.”

She also mentioned in another interview with One TV Asia that she applies a face mask every day and drinks a skin-friendly soju cocktail for when she needs a nightcap. The cocktail includes three juiced lemons, 1/3 of a can of tonic water and a spoonful of honey. She even commented on the effects of the cocktail. “Every time I drink this, I get compliments about my skin the next day.”

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