India Inc is going big on Gig economy

The Covid 19 pandemic has given a push to the gig workforce with an increasing number of roles moving to remote working. An Aon survey on “Decoding the Gig Economy” done exclusively for ET showed that about half of the companies surveyed employed gig workforces and 16% of the 145 organisations covered intend to employ additional gig workers in the next 2-5 years. Here’s a look at how the talent profile is shifting towards gig.

  • 49% – Currently employ Gig workers overall
  • 65% – Plan to increase gig work in 2–5 years

Sector-wise % age of companies looking to hire gig workers

Industry Current Future (2-5 years)
FMCG – Pharma 15% 69%
BFSI 32% 56%
Manufacturing 35% 65%
Services 47% 76%
Technology & BPO 57% 60%

Top Giggable Roles

-Operations Roles

  • Customer support
  • Transaction operations/processing
  • HR operations have high demand for gig and will continue in future

– Admin & support roles

New product development, Product Management/ Category Management will continue to have fewer gig workers.

What Are Companies Looking For In Gig Workers

  • Broad understanding of problem statement
  • Years of experience and qualifications
  • Relevant industry experience
  • Proven capability in the areas of expertise
  • Exposure to the exact type of work at hand

How Do Companies Reward Workers

  • Fixed fee models as decided during contract initiation
  • Time and effort model
  • Basis actual unit of work delivered. No fixed wage.
  • Basis quality of outcome
  • Combination of all the models

*Fixed fee model of rewarding gig workers remain the most used model in determining gig worker compensation now & in the future

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