Investors under the age of 36 increasing steadily: ETMONEY report

Millennials are said to be the generation that spends more than it saves. On the contrary, an ETMONEY research has found that investors under the age of 36 are steadily increasing and their value share is also climbing up. At the same time, it also found that increasing income is not translating into increasing investments. This indicates that as people start to earn more they spend that money to upgrade their lifestyle and increase discretionary spending rather than investing it.

The report is based on insights curated from ETMONEY investors with over Rs 100 crore in mutual fund SIPs each month spanning over 15,000 pin codes.

Here are more such findings from ETMONEY’s Investment Report 2020.

  • The allocation of top 25 per cent investors revealed a disproportionately higher allocation to equity-linked savings schemes (ELSS) when compared to those in the bottom 25 per cent. The three-year lock-in of ELSS is ensuring investors are forced to give their investments time and that is helping them earn returns.
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  • It also found as the percentage of working women has been rising across the country, more women have been using ETMONEY as a means to invest for the long term.
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  • Maharashtra leads the list of states with the highest contribution by investment value, the second spot is taken by Uttar Pradesh.
  • Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru emerged as the top three cities in terms of investment value, while cities such as Patna, Jaipur and Lucknow also figured in the top 10 cities.
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