ITC launches subscription shopping in its e-store

KOLKATA: ITC Ltd has started a subscription service in its company-owned e-store which will include a daily, weekly or monthly shopping basket joining the likes of Reliance’s JioMart and Big Basket to roll out such a service.

The company’s chief operating officer of dairy and beverage business Sanjay Singal said ITC has expanded the entire gamut of products in its e-store, including fresh dairy products like milk and curd in markets like Bihar and West Bengal where it currently sells them.

“A lot of consumers are preferring to buy FMCG and necessity products online since the pandemic. We are also present in the Big Basket’s subscription service as well,” said Singal.

ITC on Thursday launched a premium variant of milk in Kolkata to expand its share in the fresh milk segment where it is 8-10%. In Bihar and Bengal, ITC also sells other fresh dairy products like paneer, curd and lassi.

In the South, it sells milk shakes under the Sunfeast brand and ghee in six states through offline retail and nationally through e-commerce. ITC has plans to launch milk shakes in other big markets over the next one year.

Singal said ITC will expand the fresh dairy business in the East initially for next few years since it is difficult to transport milk beyond 200 kms. He said the company has no plans to launch Tetrapak milk right now since the market is small and consumers prefer fresh milk.

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