Job postings increase in all sectors; Engineering, Healthcare job fare the best, says latest data

KOLKATA: The number of job postings in India has increased in all industries, while engineering and healthcare have shown the best recovery so far, shows data from job site Indeed.

The trend in job postings in India — a real-time measure of labor market activity in July — is 42% lower than in 2019. Compared to 50% slower than in 2019 in June 2020, continuing their gradual, but incomplete rebound.

Indeed’s latest data shows a sign of progress in all sectors. Civil Engineering job postings were 26% lower than in June 2019 whereas in July they are lower by 10%. Other streams in engineering also show significant improvement.

Sector – Engineering July 2020 June 2020
Civil Engineering -10% -26%
Chemical Engineering -19% -34%
Industrial Engineering -35% -38%
Electrical Engineering -19% -41%
Mechanical Engineering -31% -46%

The chart above compares job postings for all engineering jobs in June 2020 and July 2020.

Job opportunities have improved in nearly all sectors. Some sectors where hiring appetite looks relatively strong, at least compared to the overall average, are those that didn’t experience sharp declines in March and April.

This includes healthcare-related areas like Physicians and Surgeons and nursing as well as Pharmacy. Physicians and Surgeons jobs were growing 31% lower than in 2019 in June 2020. In July they are growing 18% lower than in 2019.

Dental job postings, on the other hand, are growing slowly (-68% in June compared to -66% in July) as compared to other healthcare jobs, possibly owing to the lockdown and strict measures on keeping private clinics shut.

Healthcare July 2020 June 2020
Physicians & Surgeons -18% -31%
Pharmacy -22% -44%
Nursing -33% -49%
Medical Technician -35% -47%
Medical Information -55% -51%
Dental -66% -68%

Meanwhile, strong rebounds in sectors like Community and Social Services, Marketing & Sales, continue to bring postings closer to their 2019 trends.

Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed in India said “The public health situation and its economic spillovers continue to change every day. However, there is a sign of growth and recovery in job postings in almost all sectors. If this continues the job market will certainly bounce back earlier than expected.

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