Know how contactless payments are driving ‘contactless connections’ in the new normal

The pandemic had led us to a complete state of shock and despair when it struck the world, early this year. Had it not been for the compassion displayed by people towards each other, turning around these difficult times would have been difficult. We haven’t defeated this pandemic yet, but these trying times have brought humans close to one another like never before.

Won’t you agree that we care for each other a lot more today than we probably did eight months ago? Not just for our loved ones, but strangers alike. There have been heartening stories of good Samaritans and compassionate people extending help to those in need during the lockdown. We have been showing love and care in different forms such as practising social distancing and wearing masks in public places, to washing hands regularly, altering eating habits to boost immunity and connecting via video calls to check on our loved ones & providing moral support to each other. We have done it all and will continue to do so. Capturing this essence beautifully, is
SBI Card’s latest Campaign ‘Contactless Connections’ which urges us to continue spreading #ContactlessKhushiyan to our dear ones. Watch this film to know how a neighbour carries out a sweet gesture for a doctor & in-turn how the doctor reciprocates the gesture with the help of contactless payment using her SBI Credit Card.

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Now, as the country ‘unlocks’ & we step out of our homes, as we slowly inch towards normalcy, we need to be careful with the payment method that we choose to buy groceries, medicines or any other essentials. A more responsible way would be by opting for a safer, more secure and reliable payment method which helps you maintain social distancing and doesn’t need you to touch any surface.
Contactless payments have been seeing a steady growth and have grown manifold in the country over the last few months.

Why should you opt for SBI Card’s contactless payment options?

Place your bets on SBI Card’s contactless payment options as it offers easy, safe & secure way of making payment.

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1. Contactless SBI Credit Card:You can just tap your Contactless Card on an NFC-enabled POS machine, and it will let you make payments up to Rs 2,000 without any need of entering your PIN. Only a transaction amount of more than INR 2,000 requires the authentication of Card PIN. Forget touching the POS machine, the nearby surfaces or even swiping your card anymore

2. SBI Card Pay: You won’t have to carry your credit card anymore. Payments can be made simply by just tapping your Android smartphone on the NFC-enabled POS machine, to make faster and secure payments of up to INR 2,000, without the need of entering the PIN (PIN is required for amounts only greater than INR 2,000).

3. Scan to Pay: Like others, this method is quick, easy and seamless too. All you need to do is scan the Bharat QR code using the Scan to Pay feature on your SBI Card Mobile App, authenticate with OTP and make the payment.

How will it help in keeping you and others safe?

The above contactless payment options make your transaction instant and convenient. That means enjoying a seamless experience and spending less time at stores. What also makes it super safe is that you will be able to maintain distance with others at all times. In addition, you won’t have to touch any surface to enter a credit card PIN or swipe your card at a POS machine. You also don’t have to worry about the safety of your card because every transaction is encrypted to keep card information safe.

The message is simple yet effective. When you go to a store the next time, if you have opted for SBI Card’s contactless payments, you will be making hassle-free and safe, secure payments. So, #StayContactlessStayHappy and do your little bit in making this world a better and a safer place.

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