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Dal or lentils are an everyday item cooked in the Indian kitchen. And most of the time, we are end up making extra dal which are sometimes turn out to be boring. While you don’t have to throw away the leftover dal, you can put it to good use with these amazing and mouth-watering recipe ideas.

1. Dal tikki


An easy snack recipe from leftover dal at home and perfect for Monsoon evenings with a cup of tea.


Leftover cooked chana dal 200gm

Boiled aloo 100gm

Poha 50gm

Fresh green chili chop 10gm

Fresh coriander chop 20gm

Chopped onion 50gm

Salt to taste

Red chili powder 5gm

Kastoori methi 5gm

Roasted chana powder 50gm

Lemon juice 20ml

Roasted cumin powder 5gm

Garam masala 15gm

Oil for shallow frying


1.Take a leftover dal and make sure there is no water in it, take the dry part, add in a bowl. Add boiled aloo, poha, and other ingredients.

2.Make nice soft dough while mixing all ingredients well.

3.Make small patties and cook them on a non stick tawa or pan.

4.Put some oil in a pan or tawa and cook the patties till it becomes crisp from outside and soft inside.

5.Served hot with home style green chutney or ketchup.

6.Enjoy them as evening snacks.

By Vaibhav Bhargava

2. Dried leftover yellow dal filled in litti served with honey-chili ghee and roasted tomato salsa


Ingredients for dal dry-fry

2 tbsp desi ghee

4 cup leftover dal (preferred yellow lentil)

2 tbsp fine chop onion

1 tbsp fine chop garlic

½ tbsp fine chop ginger

½ tsp fine chop green chilly

½ tsp crushed coriander seeds

Pinch of hing or asafetida

(Normally leftover dal always contain salt, please check once and add salt if require)

In a hot pan add ghee with onion, garlic, ginger, green chili, coriander seeds and sauté until light brown. Add the leftover dal and hing and continuous stir with a wooden spoon until get dry. Make sure the heat is in medium or slow pressure and the cooking has to happen in slow method. When all the moisture evaporated then tries to make the dal mix as dry as much possible. Check the seasoning and remove from the heat and keep it aside to cool it down.

Ingredients for litti dough

2 cups Whole Wheat Flour

½ tsp Salt

2 tbsp Ghee

1/8 tsp Cooking Soda

Add whole wheat flour, salt, ghee and cooking soda in a bowl and mix well. Add water and knead to make medium soft dough. Cover the dough and keep aside for 30 minutes.

Ingredients for honey chilli ghee

½ cup desi ghee (Warm)

1 tbsp honey

½ tsp light soy sauce

½ tsp synthetic vinegar

1 tsp chopped green chili

Salt to taste

In a pan, warm the ghee then keep it in a bowl and pour all the ingredients then cover it for an hour and keep it aside.

Ingredients for roasted tomato salsa:

8 tomatoes

14 cloves finely chopped garlic

5 pinches salt

7/8 red chilli

4 tablespoon sunflower oil

Few mustard seeds

Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan over medium flame, add the garlic and red chilies. Sauté for 3 to 4 minutes then remove and cool. To the same pan, add the tomatoes and sauté for 2 minutes. Switch off the flame. Combine the tomatoes, garlic, red chilies and salt. Grind to a fine paste, adding some water if required, and transfer to a small bowl. Heat 1 tsp oil and fry the mustard seeds for 30 seconds. Pour this over the salsa.

Assembling the litti

Take out a large lemon sized dough and make it into a ball. Roll the dough ball to make a 4-5 inch circle. Keep 2 tbsp of filling in the centre of the dough and bring the ends together. Nicely seal the ends. Make all the lit in the same manner. Keep the litti covered with a cloth. Best to cook a litti in a charcoal fire like Bihar tradition style or pre heat an oven to 180 degrees C or take a roti tawa on a gas flame with slow heat. Bake for 20-25 minutes until browned from the top in a oven or put the litti on roti tawa then cover it fully with a steel bowl or something similar and after each few minutes sprinkle some warm water inside the bowl and then again cover it well. Flip the litti upside down and bake for another 10-12 minutes in oven or 7-8 minutes in tawa. They should be evenly browned from all the sides. Hold the litti with a tong and roast them over direct flame so that brown spots appear all over them. Dip the litti in ghee and serve with salsa.

By chef Chanchal Dutta

3. Thaalipeeth



Leftover dal

Jowar flour 1 cup

Besan 1/2 cup

Rice flour 1/4 cup

Fresh chopped coriander handful

Chopped onion 1/2 cup

Coriander powder 1tbsp

Cumin powder 1 tbsp

Red chilli powder 2 tbsp


Mix the ingredients well and knead a soft dough

Flatten a dough ball with fingers on a greased pan

On a medium flame cook the thaalipeeth

Try it with fresh curd and pickle

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