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Overestimating the troubles in your life takes a toll on your mental health, feels Mohit Malhotra, as he insists that everything that happens around us — good or bad — is fleeting.

“Maintaining equanimity in life —when you don’t get elated with success or feel bad facing failure — makes a lot of difference. You might not be able to control your situations but your mind is in your control. The moment there is a problem, don’t think this will never end,” he says.

Stating tat his priority has always been to better his craft, the actor adds, “Once you start focusing on your work and not expect much out of it, things start sinking well.I don’t question myself agar yeh karunga to kya hoga, arrey aab toh yeh haath se nikal gaya ab kya hoga.”

Being a part of the society that attaches stigmas and judgements to mental health, Malhotra says it’s us who can change it for better.


“You must express your feeling to someone you trust. I do that too. Hidden thoughts pile up, and then suddenly erupts like a volcano. People can’t take that mental pressure and end up taking drastic steps. If you can’t talk, write a diary. I write journals. It lifts a lot of pressure off my chest,” says the 34-year-old, who is currently seen in a supernatural TV show.

The actor, however, admits that there are certain things about his profession that can be really tough to handle. But, when chooses to become an actor, they are well aware of these uncertainties that come along.

“People sometimes over-leverage their position. During good times, they spend lavishly and when things go wrong, they’re unable to deal with it. That, I feel,isn’t correct approach,” shares Malhotra, who made his Bollywood debut with Hacked.

Ask him if the narrative around nepotism and favouritism in Bollywood that reignited after Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise, worries him, and he says, “These narratives change as per people’s convenience…Nothing takes me away from my dreams. I maintain that equanimity everywhere. Even on social media, whether I’m called a hero or a crook, I don’t react. My eyes are set on my work.”

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