Parents-to-be Anita Hassanandani and Rohit Reddy answer what made them realise it was the right time – sex and relationships

Amazement, ecstasy and mixed emotions are in the air for television stars Anita Hassanandani and Rohit Reddy as they wait for the storks to visit them with their bundle of joy that is due in February 2021. The evidently excited parents recently broke the news to fans through a video on social media where they depicted different phases of their courtship, marriage and finally revealed Anita’s baby bump.

In a recent video, the lovebirds were seen spilling the beans on their first reaction on receiving the pregnancy news and how they are preparing themselves. The duo answered questions about the beginning of their “most memorable journey” in the video that has already grabbed 1.5 million views while still going strong.

“Oh my God we’re having a baby,” Anita laughed at the beginning of the video. On being asked, “What made you realize that the time was right?” Anita answered, “Honestly, it was God’s plan and it just felt like the perfect timing. We have known each other for 10 years. For 7 years we were married so we were absolutely ready.” She joked, “I mean he is Rohit ‘Reddy’ but 2020 was the year we had spoken about and we wanted to settle with a baby this year and it just happened perfectly.”


Rohit was then asked about when he first got to know that she was pregnant and he revealed, “It was actually a sign. Dad was in the hospital for almost a month. We were in Goa all along and on the 12th of June, for some reason Anita decided to get a test done because we were in the hospital. Strangely she came back and told me in the ear that ‘I think I’m pregnant’. It was overwhelming.”

Anita added, “It was such an awkward overwhelming moment with so much happening.” Not knowing what to do since his dad was in front of him, the first thing Rohit said was, “He’s coming back.” When asked how they were preparing themselves now, Anita sighed, “There is so much to do. On a serious note, I didn’t think my skin will get so itchy and dry. Obviously I didn’t think I’ll get stretch marks but that’s ok, they’ll go. I did a lot of research for the fact that whatever I consume might affect my child.”


The diva shared that she has been using natural, toxin-free products during pregnancy that have been approved by her gynecologist. From stretch mark oil for lightening the marks to body butter for itchiness and dry skin, Anita said she was keeping herself pampered.

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