Return of the roaring 90s – fashion and trends

If you are a 90s kid, you must have observed that a lot of fashion trends which were popular almost two decades ago are back with a bang. Be it the mom jeans, high-waisted pants, flared denims, crop tops, tank tops, slip dresses or silk headscarves, it all feels like we are reliving the 90s era in 2020.

We are trying to find recluse in nostalgia because of the ongoing pandemic. By reminiscing the good old days we are trying to bring normalcy back into our lives. The most recent examples were seen at the digital New York Fashion Week where almost all the top brands and designers had picked up the 90s trends.

Be it Alexander McQueen’s pantsuit, Gucci’s bucket hats or famous bandeau tops from Staud, everything exuded nostalgia. What makes the 90s fashion such a big hit in 2020? Here’s what designers think.

“The turbulent world we live in is playing a big influence in shaping fashion. the 90s are the new retro for millennial generation born after that era, for the generation that lived through the 90s firsthand, it is a time for nostalgia and the need to dream about a relatively simpler time… of youth, naivety and reflection. whether in the music industry or even the resurgence of TV shows like Friends. You see a time before social media, before cell phones, before the rampant bad news on TV everyday… a sweeter simpler time. fashion is feeding off these emotions and hence the comeback of the 90s feel.” says designer Nachiket Barve.

Designer Rina Dhaka opines that fashion a nostalgic, cynical pattern. “Every now and then we get tired of seeing a trend and then a decade down, we bring it back,” she adds.

Here are some 90s trends that you can try this season.


Slip dresses are winning hearts. They look straight out of the 90s romcoms or pulp fiction movies from that era.


The sexy bandeau tops are back. The above look is from Staud Clothing.


Silk headscarves are having a moment in fashion. The digital presentation by Raisa Vanessa had models styled with silk scarves wrapped around their head which is a quintessential 90s look.


Alexander McQueen’s recent collection had a lot of pantsuits with belts cinched around the waist for women, which is again very 90s.

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