Rithvik on fake Covid reports: Got tested due to paranoia, for precaution – bollywood

Rithvik Dhajani has been busy with Ganeshostav celebrations over last weekend and before that he was engrossed in making the Ganesha idol and was shooting for the finale of an ongoing reality show. Amidst all that he heard that there were reports that he had tested positive for Covid-19 and was keeping it under wraps.


The actor says, “I didn’t pay attention to the news but soon people started calling me about it. I was not positive and why would I hide it? In fact, I have got tested 3 times till now on my own, just out of paranoia and for precaution. I have parents at home and even though I am not meeting them daily, my sister comes in contact with me and I am stepping out for work and meeting so many people, so I want to be sure that I am fine. Luckily, I have been negative and I pray that I remain so.”

He had travelled to Delhi for a day and got tested prior to flying and last week, two days before the finale of the reality show he features in, he got tested “to be sure”. He says, “So, the fake news that I am positive surprised me. It didn’t really bother me. During the pandemic, time in solitude taught me that there’s no need to bother or spend energy on things that are not in your control. When the news came out, I was totally engrossed in making Bappa’s murti, which was kind of therapy for me.” He has been in touch with few friends and created a social bubble “for everyone’s safety”.


“My dad scolds me for being so scared but I tell them that I am feeding off of the fear that is out there. But I am not sorry. My parents are chilled out and keep reassuring me and tell me not to worry. But there is so much darr about Covid-19 that I can’t help,” he concludes.

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