UPSC Exam: If You Have a Dream of Becoming an IAS Then Study These Subjects, You Will Crack The Exam in The First Try Itself, You Will Become a Topper

Govt Jobs Finders,UPSC Exam: (UPSC Exam List of Optional Subject). Most of the youth preparing for government jobs also take part in the Civil Service Commission (Government Jobs) examination. Through this you get job in services like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS. But passing the UPSC exam is not easy.

In the main part of UPSC exam, which is conducted in three phases, one has to prepare for optional subjects. UPSC has released the list of 48 optional subjects. Candidates selected for UPSC Main Exam can prepare in any subject. Most of the candidates study subjects like History, Political Science, Sociology.

UPSC List of Optional Subjects in UPSC Exam:

While choosing optional subject in UPSC you should keep your interest in mind. Don’t succumb to any pressure and don’t choose a subject that doesn’t interest you. Not only this, while choosing a subject, also keep in mind that the chances of getting marks in it are high, that is, if you choose a scoring subject, you can get better marks and rank (UPSC Optional Subjects List).

1- Agriculture
2- Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
3- Anthropology
4- Botany of the area
5- Chemistry
6- Civil Engineering
7- Commerce and Accounts
8- Economics
9- Electrical Engineering
10- Ice Cube
11- Geology
12- History
13- Law of the country
14- Management
15- Mathematics
16- Mechanical Engineering
17- Medical Science
18- Darshan
20- Political Science and International Relations
21- Psychology
22- Public Administration
23- Sociology
24- Statistics
25- Zoology
26- Assamese language
27- Bengali language
28- Sword of Bodo
29- Dogri
30- In Gujarat
31- Hindi language
32- In Kannada
33- Language of Kashmir
34- Konkani
35- Maithili language
36- In Malayalam
37- Manipuri
38- Marathi language
39- Nepali language
40- Oriya
41- Punjabi language
42- Sanskrit language
43- Santhali
44- Sindhi language
45- Tamil language
46- Telugu language
47- Urdu language
48- Guarantee

These 10 subjects will help you in UPSC Exam 2024:

Young candidates preparing for UPSC Exam 2024 can start their preparation by choosing any one optional subject from the 10 subjects given below. Most of the candidates got better marks in the following subjects-
2- Public Administration
3- Geography of the country
4- Political Science and International Relations
5- Sociology
6- Economics
7- Anthropology
8- Psychology
9- Darshan
10- Language factor (English, Hindi etc.).